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Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia's favorite artistic entertainers specializing in FAST face painting, airbrush tattoos, balloon twisting, airbrush t-shirts and glitter tattoos for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Company Picnics, Trade Shows, Employee Appreciation Events, Holiday Parties, and Lead Generation.


1. How much do you charge for a small Birthday Party*?

Private Party Rates : 15-20 guests

$250 for 1 hour for Traditional Face Painting, Henna Tattoos or Temporary Glitter Tattoos

$275 FOR 1 HOUR FOR Balloons

$450 for 2 hours for Airbrush Face Painting 

*For Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, we highly recommend Glitter Tattoos or Airbrush Tattoos. We have a 3 hour minimum for all Mitzvah celebrations.

2. How much do you charge for larger events?

For our larger (corporate/non-private party) clients who do not know how many guests will be attending their event, we have a minimum of 2 hours per artist. The price is $150 per hour, per artist for Traditional Face Painting, Balloons, Henna Tattoos or Temporary Glitter Tattoos. The price is $200 per hour, per artist for Airbrush Face Painting (or Airbrush Tattoos). Please bear in mind that all Airbrush entertainment requires one table & one working electrical outlet per artist to be provided by the host.

Corporate clients' events in the past have included:

  • Company picnics
  • Trade shows and festivals as table entertainment for engaging new customers and gathering potential clients' contact information
  • Client or Resident "Thank-you" parties
  • Holiday Parties for employees or clients
  • Mall or shopping center public events
  • Zoo events
  • Aquarium events


Our entertainers know how to speed up designs to make them impressive but quick. Please see the following list : 

  • Traditional Face Painting : 15-20 guests per hour
  • Airbrush Face Painting : 20-25 guests per hour
  • Balloons : 15 guests per hour
  • Glitter Tattoos : 20 guests per hour
  • Airbrush Tattoos : 30 guests per hour
  • Henna Tattoos : 15 - 30 guests per hour

4. How does my company book Bright & Shining Face Painting for an event?

Please fill out our contact form on this page : Contact Us

We will then confirm final pricing via email and send the contract via email.

Payment for corporate events may either be email invoiced and paid  via Company Check within 7 days of returning the contract OR may be paid with a Company or Personal Credit/Debit card via secure online invoicing within 7 days of returning the contract.

Once the completed contract has been returned and the payment has cleared, you will receive confirmation of booking. We will then be in contact to receive the rest of the event details including parking, tables & electrical outlets supplied

5. How do I wash off the Face Painting?

Because we only use Safe, FDA Compliant Cosmetic Products on your guests, clean up is a breeze:

1. Massage a quarter-sized amount of liquid baby soap (no water) onto the design area.
2.  Dampen a dark washcloth with warm water and gently wipe off the lather.
3. Towel dry and off to bed!
4. Really though, using the washcloth is the most important part :)

6. What kind of paint do you use?

Great question!  We don't use craft paint. We use water-activated makeup with special sponges and brushes to create our face painting designs.  It washes off easily if you use the above steps. For airbrush face painting, we use liquid makeup that contains a similar water-resistant cosmetic ingredient as water-proof mascara.

Some of the brands our artists use are listed below:

  • TAG Face and Body Art
  • Paradise
  • Diamond FX

7. Is the airbrush paint that you use safe?

Yes. Our artists do not use craft paint when airbrushing. They only use safe, FDA compliant cosmetic products when airbrushing. The makeup is approximately as water-proof/smudge-proof as water-proof mascara.

Please use a damp washcloth and baby shampoo to remove the designs. If any color remains after washing, please use a comercial eye-makeup remover or baby oil to wipe away any leftover color.

8. Are your Temporary Glitter Tattoos the same as those "Shimmer" tattoos we saw on TV?

No. The products we use are professional grade and are made to be used by those who entertain for a living. The stencils are custom made and do not pull or hurt upon removal. The cosmetic adhesive is safe for use on the skin and lasts longer than the product supplied in the "DIY" kits you see on TV. We do not apply our Solid Bling Temporary Tattoos to children's or adults' faces.

9. What if I need more than one entertainer for my event?

We have many skilled artists available if you need more than one face painter, balloon twister or tattoo artist for a corporate picnic, family reunion or other multiple hour job.

This means less hassle and stress for you.  We only utilize artists of the highest caliber, who are neat and clean, and who have a friendly and professional personality.

10. How can I get the glitter tattoos to last longer?

These tattoos are water resistant so showers, moon bounces, pool parties, and disco dancing won't wash them away.  They normally last up to 5 days with the following care:

1. Pat (not rub) with a towel after bathing and swimming
2. Avoid heavy moisturizers in the area

When you are ready to Remove the Glitter Tattoo:

1. Massage Baby Oil onto the tattoo area and wipe with a soapy washcloth
(takes a few minutes but is gentler)
2. Or soak the design area with Rubbing Alcohol on a paper towel and rub gently
(quicker removal and my preferred method)

11. Do you teach?

Yes, Michelle Heffner our owner does. She teaches face painting at several US children's entertainer conferences and conventions each year. Her classes are highly sought after and her fellow entertainers seek out her advice and guidance in nearly every aspect of our craft. She also occasionally teaches special advanced technique workshops in the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland area.

12. Are any taxes, fees or gratuities additional?

There are no taxes charged for services. The only fees associated with our services are parking or tolls, and possibly travel if more than 45 minutes outside of Columbia, MD. Gratuities are never added but if your entertainer has gone above and beyond your expectations, a cash gratuity is always appreciated.