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Columbia, MD 21044


Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia's favorite artistic entertainers specializing in FAST face painting, airbrush tattoos, balloon twisting, airbrush t-shirts and glitter tattoos for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Company Picnics, Trade Shows, Employee Appreciation Events, Holiday Parties, and Lead Generation.


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Our Columbia, MD Client Yelp'ed us!

Michelle Heffner

Oh what a lovely surprise!

Our lovely client Amanda posted a surprise review for us on We are so happy and excited about that.

In the past, Yelp has not allowed our clients' reviews to show. We think Amanda's made it through because she already had an account there and she had reviewed other establishments. They are very picky about reviews and reviewers.

Yay! Here it is in all it's lovely glory: Yelp Reviews for Bright & Shining Face Painting

Thanks, Amanda!

"I hired Michelle to do face painting and balloons at Chickfila for my son's birthday party.  I had to get approval from Chickfila to bring her in but they were ok with it since we didn't have a huge party.  We had 7 kids and a couple of adults getting their faces painted.  She also does balloons for parties but, in our case, made them ahead of time since they don't give you a huge window of time at a Chickfila party (an hour for the party and 30 minutes for clean up).  I paid Michelle using paypal (easy!) and gave her plenty of info via email on what the kids are into.  My little one is a Yo Gabba Gabba fanatic.  My older boy (and his friends) are crazy about Mario.  She arrived promptly and did a fantastic job painting faces.  After painting was done, she brought in the balloons she had pre-made.  She made a balloon for EVERY single character from Yo Gabba Gabba.  And she made a Mario balloon as well.  Amazingly, all of these balloons really were identical to the characters!  She obviously invested a lot of time looking at images so she could be sure to get it right.  I highly recommend her for entertaining if you're looking for a face painter or balloon maker.  Fantastic job!"

~Amanda in Columbia, MD